The Convenient Reusable Overshoe

MukGuard is a new, innovative, reusable overshoe. Created for professionals regularly entering customers’ properties through the course of their work.

  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Carabiner attachment
  • Excellent grip
  • Abrasion resistance

Perfect for professionals, DIYers, gardeners, and anyone looking to protect floors from dirty boots and shoes. 

Any orders containing MukGuard qualify for free shipping.

Want To Keep Customer's Floors Clean?

If you are a professional going in and out of customers homes all day, you don’t want to be walking mud and dirt across their carpets and flooring. Equally, if you take your footwear off your feet are unprotected and at risk of injury.

MukGuard From V12 Has You Covered

MukGuard, the simple re-usable overshoe, is the perfect solution to ensure your customers floors stay clean and your feet stay safe and protected all day long.

Simple And Easy To Use

MukGuard Use Step 1


Though your boots or shoes are dirty, you need to enter the home without taking your boots off.
MukGuard Use Step 2


Simply slip MukGuard over your footwear to protect the floor from dirt and abrasion.
MukGuard Use Step 3


When you need to, just put MukGuard into your washing machine so it’s ready for next time.

MukGuard Test Pilots Review

Waide Griffin

"It’s a lot grippier… you’re not slipping all the time and obviously when you've got heavy products that's not something you want to be doing"

Ben Braine

"They are 10x, if not 100x better than your standard overshoe."

Brad Bancroft

"It actually hugs your feet and feels really, really comfortable."

Andy Pollard

"When I have muddy feet, I use them in all the properties I have gone into."

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