Our Most Advanced Sole To Date

Three years in the making, V12 have developed the SRC approved Intelligent Grip System (IGS) to provide grip when it really counts. Combining customer feedback with extensive internal research the new sole unit features hex pattern for water dispersal, ladder grips for working at height and angled heel strike for slip prevention and breaking. Following a rigorous testing process, the HSL awarded the IGS a highly prestigious 4-star rating. This is a quality standard that is almost unknown within the kind of demanding environments in which V12 specialise.

  • Hex Pattern

    For Water Dispersal

    Many accidents happen due to wet surfaces underfoot. We designed our hex grip pattern to cut through water and quickly channel it away, ensuring wearers are always in contact with the ground and avoid slipping up even in the wettest conditions.

  • Ladder Grips

    Grip When Working At Height

    Ladders are common place in many industries. Falls from height account for more than a quarter of all fatal injuries in the work place. This is why the IGS has a deep ladder grip, that complies with Firefighter boot standards, which is over and above safety boot requirements.This provides you with optimum grip and safety.

  • 7º Heel Strike

    Slip Prevention And Braking

    Slips are most likely to happen when the heel is placed down to make a new step. That’s why we have designed the heel strike at 7º, the angle at which most slips occur. Angled splines provide increased contact with the ground, effortlessly cutting through water or dirt at every step. This ensures grip and braking performance, keeping wearers firm footed.

Slip Warning
1/2 of all major workplace injuries are caused by slips

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