Dynamic ArchTM


Comfort means Happier soles, healthier feet

Did you know foot-related disorders, affecting knees, hips and backs, are the most common work-related health problems in the UK? They account for a startling 8.8 million working days lost to sickness each year. Our Dynamic ArchTM insoles, designed with comfort, safety and durability in mind, could make the critical difference between pain… and productivity.

Find your arch size

You can measure your own foot arch height with a simple home test.

Step 1: Your foot type

To find out what type of insole you need, do this simple test.

  • Remove footwear and wet the soles of your feet
  • Step onto cardboard or heavy paper
  • Slightly bend your knees
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Match your foot type to this guide.


Select your foot type.

Designed for comfort

Wearing well-fitting, supportive Dynamic ArchTM insoles can go a long way towards reducing fatigue and injury. What’s more, they’re designed to work with every style of V12 safety boot.

Dynamic ArchTM insoles are independently tested to comply with European PPE regulation and, when used in conjunction with V12 safety boots, are approved for use under EN20345.


As clinical research has progressively proven that work productivity in labour intensive environments is increased with the provision of better health care, footwear has become an increasingly important concern. A lack of correct support leads to comfort issues and pains that result in poorer performance and efficiency. Adding a fitted insole to the footwear of employees is a cost effective tool to increasing work productivity and comfort and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.”

Paul O'Malley
MSK podiatrist and clinical biomechanist

Get the right fit for your team

Dynamic ArchTM insoles come in three arch sizes – low, medium, and high. Book a free session for V12 to come to your workplace and measure everyone’s soles with a Dynamic Pressure Map foot scan – and make sure everyone goes to work with a bespoke, injury-reducing boot.

Want to become a distributor of this product?

Contact us for more information on our Dynamic ArchTM impression systems and training. We have a range of tools to support distributors and enable quick selection of the correct insole. Please call +44 (0)1249 651 900, or email sales@V12footwear.com.

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