Who We Design For

Our wearers are hard grafters. Workers who keep the world turning, using physical strength, determination and ingenuity to build, make, farm, fix and maintain every day. From oil platforms to railway tracks, construction sites and farms, our wearers work in some of the toughest most unpredictable environments. And for them, strong and safe footwear is essential, not optional.

Extreme Places
Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Agriculture, Utilities, Rail

How We Get It Right

Our process involves working closely with wearers to understand the functionality of our shoes. Like how long they are worn for, what features would improve wear – basically how the shoe 'lives'.

Once we've generated a design that fulfills all these things, we scour the globe for the best possible materials. Then we test our prototypes to breaking point by crushing, stretching and pummeling every part of every new design.

We consult with a panel of wearers to find out if anything else can be added. And once we've got the thumbs up we go into production, using state of the art manufacturing processes to make comfortable, reliable shoes that guarantee wearer satisfaction.

Quality At Our Core

Every design we create must include four core features to keep feet happy and wearers safe:

Comfort Fit

Comfort Fit

A generous joint width, freedom for toes, and gentle support for extra comfort
Well Balanced

Perfect Balance

Lightweight toecaps keep you agile and don't overstrain your ligaments or instep.
Natural Flexibility

Natural Flexibility

Ready when you are. No need to wear them in, they're flexible from the first wear.
Anti-Slip Traction

Anti-Slip Traction

Our powergrip and flexlite soles keep you safe and on course.

A Closer Look

The details built into our boots demonstrate our years of experience in footwear design. Like the carefully thought out unique shape that is designed to support, or the replaceable shock-absorbent footbed which cradles the foot. We of course allow just the right amount of room inside for movement and the steel or nylon Shank ensures flex always occurs at the ball of the foot. We triple stitch our uppers, which are made of either full grain leather or technical meshes to allow breathability. Our composite toecaps are as tough as steel but not as heavy. And a cushioned midlayer absorbs shock and keeps you springy whilst a steel or ballistic fibre midsole stops sharp objects piercing through. They may seem like small measures, but at work, they make a big difference.

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Please read a copy of our latest product catalogue which showcases our new sports range. All our products are detailed on our website, however if you would like further information or a printed version please call us on +44 (0)1249 651 900 or email sales@V12footwear.com

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